Speak 'N Cook



You can cook any recipe without touching your phone by using the best voice activated recipe app on the market.


Talking ourselves into cooking at home is hard enough with restaurants, take out, and door-to-door delivery tempting us.  Add in the hassle of looking up recipes in a cookbook or on the computer - Forget About It! 

That is why we have developed an app that allows you to browse in your free time, mark the dishes you want to try, and never search for "What are we going to make for dinner?" again.  

The Best Part?  You don't need to touch your phone AT ALL until you are finished.  The App is 100% voice responsive.





As a family of 4 with school age kids, our evening conversations usually go like this: 

  • We ate out last night, we should eat at home tonight.

  • Ok, we will eat at home. What do we want to eat?

  • Let me look at Pinterest real quick.

  • Cue the messy phone screen from trying to cook something I found online.

After one time too many of getting oily, sticky smudges on our phones at dinner time, we said ENOUGH! 

So we started developing an app that would let us upload our favorite recipes, search a database of other peoples favorites, and mark the ones we liked in our own collection. 

On top of that, we wanted it to be voice activated to eliminate the yuck left on our phones after cooking.  So, after a little bit of planning, hard work, and lots and lots of testing, we have created an app that checks all of our boxes.  

Welcome to a new era of cooking with Speak 'N Cook!